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Bastech, Inc. has been in the “making” business for 20 years now. Ben Staub, Jr., coming from a family of innovative manufacturers, was one of the first in the region to adopt Additive Manufacturing technology utilizing a 3D System’s Stereolithography machine. The business has grown and expanded to offer an extremely wide range of expert services including:

3D Printing (Additive Manufacturing)
Wax with 3D System’s Multi Jet Printers - investment casting for, jewelry, aerospace and other custom metal applications.

Plastics with 3D System’s Multi Jet Printers - fit, form and function prototypes in a variety of materials including tough, hi-temp, clear and others.

Plastics with 3D System’s Stereolithography - fit, form and function prototypes in a variety of materials including tough, hi-temp, clear and others.

Metals - Direct Metal Laser Sintering produces production grade parts and reduce time and cost from traditional manufacturing and can create geometries and features that would be impossible to produce in any other process.

Nylons - Select Laser Sintering Nylons is perfect for production quality parts and ideal for high-temperature and chemically resistant applications.

Engineering Services - 3D Modeling Design, 3D Digital Scan Repair/Verification, Design for Manufacturing.

Mold Making - We have the expertise to create your molds in the appropriate material for the job.

RTV Molding - RTV, or Room Temperature Vulcanization, is used to create precise and
detailed molds for parts requiring specialized materials. One off’s or small quantities from
2-1000 created from 3D printed patterns right in our model shop.

Injection Molding - For quantities up to 10,000, Bastech maintains two injection molding presses for a full turnkey solution to your rapid manufacturing needs.

Rapid CNC/Rapid Tooling - Creating metal tools for plastic and wax injection molding is a specialty that we’ve had in-house for the entire 20 years of operation.

Trade Show Models - Utilizing our 3D printing technologies, tooling capabilities and model shop expertise, we create simple to very complex models. Whether functional or static, single or full-color, call Bastech and we’ll get started building a great relationship.



Rapid Direction, Inc. was birthed in 2007 primarily as a way to maintain relationships that were build through Bastech, Inc. When a customer grew to the point of being able to justify their own professional level 3D printer (Additive Manufacturing) equipment, we wanted to be their comprehensive solution. With our experience in using the equipment as Bastech, we found we had expert knowledge and advise to offer those in the market for 3D equipment, software and even consumables. Thus, Rapid Direction was formed.

A 3D Systems Authorized and Value-Added Reseller carrying everything from the Cube desktop 3D printer to the ProX 300 Direct Metal Laser Sintering machine, the full line of Geomagic 3D software to the Sense 3D Scanner, we’re a very comprehensive and experienced provider of the best and latest assets to grow your company.

Personal 3D Printers - Plastic extrusion, color/monochrome powder, SLA-like

Professional 3D Printers - Wax and Plastics Multi Jet Printing, Stereolithography, Full-color powder, Full-color Plastic, Multi Material Plastics, Dental Wax.

Production 3D Printers - Direct Metal Laser Sintering, Select Laser Sintering Nylons,

Software - Geomagic full suite.

3D Scanners - Creaform scanning solutions, Capture Professional, Sense Personal, 3Shape desktop.

3D Subtractive Desktop Roland Mills
Consumables - ProJet Wax, Plastic, Support Material, Cube/CubeX/CubePro cartridges, ProJet x60 Core and color, silicone and more.

3D Printing Accessories
COMING SOON - ProJet ChefJet Chocolate and Sugar printers along with the CereJet Ceramic 3D printer!

We’re here to offer our experienced and expert advice so please allow us to help in your quest of the right 3D tool for your toolbox.



With the ever-increasing commercial applications for 3D printing and design, Rapid Direction wanted to have a specialized source for “all things 3D printing” in both a web store and retail venue. provides a wide range of 3D printing related products for everyone from the home user to the industrial designer and the knowledge to go behind it. We pull from the vast experience of Bastech and Rapid-Direction to provide knowledgeable advice and experienced knowledge so you will feel confident that you’ve made the right choice.

Seeing is believing! That’s the purpose behind GetPrinting3D retail stores. Now, with two retail stores, GetPrinting3D retail is a 3D printing playground where you can come in and interact with the technology firsthand.

Create 3D models at the Creation Station and then see them printing on one of the several 3D printers.

Bring your file in and have it 3D printed on one of our printers, including plastics, full-color powder or even higher resolution SLA printers.

Get 3D scanned! We offer 3D scanning of friendly people turning them into a variety of products ranging from trophies, holiday gifts, bottle stoppers, coins and, well, just about anything you can dream of.

Part scanning is also available so you can turn your item into a 3D model and print in a variety of materials.

It’s a fun, learning and high-tech place to see what the world of 3D printing is all about.

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