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Reduce Your Lead Time with our 4th-Axis Machining Capabilities.

At BasTech, we are committed to continuously improving our services, which is why we’ve recently invested in updated state-of-the-art equipment that expands our CNC machining capabilities.


From Prototype to Production

Our services cover your entire product creation, from engineered ideation, to manufacturing, to tooling. We’ve upgraded to 4th-axis CNC machining capabilities and expanded our manufacturing capacity, allowing our machining operations to be completed more quickly and economically, reducing lead time and saving you money.

Our expertise in product engineering is capable of providing you with efficient, economical solutions to suit your individual needs through a wide-range of technologically advanced applications, free of limitations.

Manifest your vision through our multitude of rapid prototyping services. We skillfully and consistently produce prototypes through plastic injection molding, CNC machining, silicone molding, 3D printing, and more.

From CAD to manufacture, we construct your product utilizing the most cost-effective and durable techniques available. Through metal and polymer printing or precision tooling, we reduce manufacturing time from months to days.


BasTech provided us with a faster way to produce Aluminum assembly jigs that dramatically eliminated assembly errors.

Lead Production Engineer

Providing world-class products and quality manufacturing

CNC machining excels in applications where additive manufacturing falls short. Some benefits of CNC machining include broader material selection compared to 3D printing technologies, large parts can be built more cost effectively, and crisp, clean surface finishes are easily achieved.


Let’s Get Started

No matter where you’re at in the manufacturing process, our team is ready and waiting to step in and bring your product to market.

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