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Prepared for All Levels of Customized Production.

BasTech utilizes the latest in technology combined with the proven traditional methodology to bring prototypes into full-scale production, making previously unfeasible manufacturing jobs possible.


Swift, Efficient Production

From direct metal and polymer printing to tooling and molding, BasTech constructs your product utilizing the most cost-effective and expedited techniques available. With access to a multitude of production systems, your finished product will be created economically, timely, and durably.

We’re making the future by bringing 3D Direct Metal Production Printing (DMP) and prototyping directly to our customers. With additive manufacturing, we build highly complex or organic geometries parts quickly and cost-efficiently.

New digital molding technology is revolutionizing the direct production of 3D printed plastic parts, and it is doing so at scale. The tool-less plastic parts manufacturing process is rapidly becoming efficient and effective for many applications.

BasTech is capable of manufacturing plastic injection molded parts, with presses ranging from 15 to 230 tons. Whether it be a small batch or high-volume manufacturing, our competent staff will excel in completing your project with the utmost precision.


BasTech provided us with a faster way to produce Aluminum assembly jigs that dramatically eliminated assembly errors.

Lead Production Engineer

Turning Your Prototype into Reality

Our range of production capabilities results in benefits such as improved processes with complete in-house prototype to production services, reduced need for additional labor, and increased time- and cost-efficiency due to new and improved technologies.


Let’s Get Started

No matter where you’re at in the manufacturing process, our team is ready and waiting to step in and bring your product to market.

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