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 About Us

Making the Future

Additive 3D manufacturing is nothing new to BasTech. Since the early 1990s, as the first stereolithography machines were being commercialized, BasTech has utilized additive manufacturing technology in more ways than can be imagined. From end-use to aerospace components to highly accurate, functional prototypes for the automotive industry, to complex investment casting patterns, BasTech has done it all. Our associates are focused on matching your requirements, needs. and constraints to the best available solutions.



We make the future of Additive Manufacturing for our customers by providing world-class products and quality manufacturing through technical application expertise while excelling at service, support, and training.



Our vision is to be recognized as the regional leader in 3D Additive Manufacturing, production, and prototyping.



Continually improves as a manufacturing partner delivering complete customer satisfaction in everything we do while complying with the requirements of AS9100D and meeting BasTech’s quality objectives.

Our History

You could say that Ben Staub was born for BasTech. He got his start working at his father’s business, a CNC tooling shop. There, Staub learned the tools of the trade, finding his passion for the tooling industry.

As 3D tooling technologies continued to emerge, Staub completed his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering & Technology from the University of Dayton. His focus was on 3D CAD, which he brought back to his father’s business. Soon after, Ben led and managed the purchase of a stereolithographic printer and their new 3D operation for the next 2 years. When his father retired, Staub purchased that same 3D printing machine and started BasTech in 1994. BasTech’s first customer was the University of Dayton, Ben’s alma mater. Other early customers who helped seed BasTech’s growth included Delphi, GE Aviation (formerly ELANO), and Hobart.

Early in the business, BasTech was focused on the automotive industry; but as time has passed, BasTech has expanded its service lines and offerings to provide 3D printing solutions across diverse industries. In 1999, Staub transitioned BasTech to a technology-focused company leveraging his foundation of industry application expertise he learned in those early years.

BasTech Now

Today, BasTech operates from a 32,000-square foot facility located on 8 acres in Vandalia, OH.

The future of 3D printing is now, and so is the future of BasTech. BasTech has developed a reputation for staying ahead of the technology. Staub and his team take pride in solving challenges using a two-pronged approach: pairing well-grounded traditional methodology with high-tech industrial expertise. BasTech is the region’s 3D additive manufacturing leader, providing a full-service suite of 3D printing solutions from prototype development to production level printing. Plus, BasTech is always looking ahead and continuing to expand their expertise, resources, and technology for metal production printing.


BasTech provided us with a faster way to produce Aluminum assembly jigs that dramatically eliminated assembly errors.

Lead Production Engineer


“BasTech’s experience and knowledge of metal printing was invaluable during our development process.”

Senior Engineer


“BasTech provided excellent guidance and support in our journey to produce our light weighted, more efficient metal assembly.”

Design Engineer

Frequently Asked Questions

BasTech is an Additive Manufacturing leader providing solutions for 3D printing, engineering, and prototyping. Our staff is focused on matching your requirements and specification constraints to deliver the best available products and solutions. Drawing from this wealth of hands-on additive manufacturing experience, BasTech analyzes and equips businesses across industries with the right 3D manufacturing solution for their needs.

We offer comprehensive products and services including engineering design, prototyping, 3D printing, tool production, reverse engineering, and low to high-volume part production.

Additive Manufacturing, also known as 3D Printing, is an alternative manufacturing process that physically replicates 3D objects or parts created by computer-aided design (CAD). Additive Manufacturing can be done with many materials and does not require tools or a traditional block of raw material. It can be done much more quickly and cost-effectively than by using conventional manufacturing techniques.

Yes, BasTech provides Additive Manufacturing to a variety of industries. They include, aerospace, architecture, arts & entertainment, automotive, education, medical, tooling, and many other industries.

BasTech serves companies across the United States.

Join BasTech’s World of Advanced Manufacturing

BasTech is on the forefront of the fast-paced manufacturing industry and is looking for individuals that wish to be a part of the future. Join the BasTech team as we design, engineer, and manufacture the foundation of industry.


From Prototype to Production

No matter where you’re at in the manufacturing process, let us know how we can make your product a reality. From development to prototyping to final manufacture, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.