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 Production services

Swift, Efficient Production

From CAD to manufacture, BasTech will construct your product utilizing the most cost-effective, durable, and expedited techniques available. With access to a multitude of production systems, you can rest assured that your finished product will be created economically, timely, and durably.

Direct Metal Printing

At BasTech, we’re Making the Future by bringing 3D Direct Metal Production Printing (DMP) and prototyping directly to our customers. With additive manufacturing, we build highly complex or organic geometries parts quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Features and Value

  • Builds high-quality complex metal parts from 3D CAD data
  • Build highly complex/organic geometries
  • Reverse-engineer using your supplied part back to CAD
  • Precision parts with speed, accuracy, and durability
  • Production of multi-part assemblies in a single part
  • Cost-effective tool-less production of lightweighting components
  • Prototypes to production parts from tens to thousands
  • Adds rigidity while reducing component failures
  • Initial part manufacturing lead time can be reduced from months to days

Direct Polymer Printing

New digital molding technology is revolutionizing the direct production of 3D printed plastic parts, and it is doing so at scale. The tool-less plastic parts manufacturing process is rapidly becoming efficient and effective for many applications.

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Additional Information

BasTech utilizes 3D Systems Figure 4 technology, a modular and scalable manufacturing solution using non-contact membrane DLP (Digital Light Printing), state-of-the-art plastic resins, and a light-based UV curing process that takes minutes versus hours wit

This is possible due to the speed of the non-contact membrane process combined with the low static volume print tray, which allows for more highly reactive material chemistries that might not be achievable with other photopolymer 3D printing methods.

Production Tooling

When high volumes, finished part size, or specific materials dictate, traditional tooling molds may be your best option to produce your production runs. With a full machine shop, BasTech has been manufacturing tooling and providing injection molded end-use plastic and investment casting wax patterns for over 25 years. BasTech can assist you with the design, manufacturability, and production of tooling required to efficiently and accurately produce your parts.

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Serving Your Production Needs

No matter where you’re at in the manufacturing process, let us know how we can make your product a reality. From development to prototyping to final manufacture, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.


Plastic Injection Molding

BasTech is capable of manufacturing plastic injection molded parts. Our presses range from 15 to 230 tons. In addition to molding, Bastech offers component assembly. Whether it be a small batch or high-volume manufacturing, our competent staff will excel in completing your project with the utmost precision. With the emphasis on value-added manufacturing, we have been successful in the completion of several large projects. BasTech can also handle your engineering changes and repairs.

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Investment Casting

BasTech has been supplying Wax and QuickCast patterns to aerospace foundries for decades. Our proprietary process enables us to provide accurate, consistent patterns with the highest surface quality available in the industry.

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Investment Casting in the 21st Century

Investment casting is a precise metals forming methodology that delivers value across industries, from aerospace, mechanical, automotive to intricate dental work, jewelry, and sculpture. For centuries the trade-off for smooth and accurate investment casted parts has been high costs and long casting pattern lead times. The evolution of parts is accelerating dramatically, resulting in shorter product life cycles and lower volumes of casted parts between cycles. Waiting for tooling for obsolete parts for aging aircraft also mean delays for aircraft to be repaired, costing time and money. Demand for faster foundry production is increasing in all industries and foundries need to be ready to respond.

Delivering the Digital Foundry

To meet pressures of shorter product life cycles, foundry labor shortages, and a need for more complex geometries, foundries are adopting additive technologies and investment casting materials that deliver on the demands being faced. These new ‘Digital Foundry’ solutions deliver massive time and cost savings: Production workflows that now take weeks will be done in hours. Product runs can be smaller, serving more discriminating markets. Customers will place new expectations on foundries to deliver parts faster. BasTech assists our clients by rapidly providing tool-less digital wax & quick cast patterns. When volumes justify, we provide injection molded wax patterns through our tooling manufactured in house.

From Prototype to Production

No matter where you’re at in the manufacturing process, let us know how we can make your product a reality. From development to prototyping to final manufacture, tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen.