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Bastech, Inc. Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

By accepting this Purchase Order, the supplier agrees to all terms and conditions listed here. All current and future orders based on this quotation will be accepted subject to the following stated terms and conditions, which may not be varied, altered or modified without BasTech’s written consent. The resulting contract shall constitute the entire agreement between the parties, benefiting only the stated parties, and not for the benefit of any other party or person(s). Any provisions contained in the Buyer’s order which are inconsistent with the terms and conditions hereof or which in any way attempt to detract from the term and conditions hereof shall not be binding upon BasTech. The rights and duties of the Buyer and BasTech shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio.

1. All applicable product and material certificates to be sent with each shipment.

2. Supplier is responsible for the utilization of competent (qualified) employees on any Bastech order.

3. Utilization of counterfeit parts is strictly prohibited. Suppliers are expected to have a counterfeit parts policy in place.

4. Supplier acknowledges BasTech’s right of access to its facilities, product, and/or related quality records at any time, by BasTech, its customer, or regulatory authorities in order to verify quality of products or services/work. Right of access may be limited to only those records and product applicable to BasTech’s products or contracts.

5. All BasTech’s customer purchasing requirements shall be flowed down to BasTech sub-tier suppliers or subcontractors.

6. Supplier to notify BasTech immediately of unexpected anomalies, non-conformances, changes in product and/or process, changes of sub-tier suppliers, and/or changes of manufacturing facility location. BasTech reserves the right to approve suck changes or incidents before work can proceed.

7. Supplier acknowledges it shall apply suitable Corrective Action when presented with BasTech’s inquiry/complaints or non-conformance reports.

8. Administrative Records pertaining to the subcontracted work shall be retained for a minimum of five (5) and all other records pertaining to the manufacture, inspection, and test of services/products shall be retained for a minimum of ten (10) years.

9. Any requirements noted directly on the purchase order shall take precedence over any conflicts with Bastech’s general terms and conditions.

10. Vendor quality system should address employee contributions to the end product.

11. Vendor quality system shall address employee contribution to product safety.

12. Supplier shall comply with the Aerospace Industries Association of America (AIAA) Global Principles of Ethics in the Aerospace & Defense Industry, available for review here:


View BasTech’s Code of Ethics

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