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BasTech Teams Up with Haas Machines

In early 2020, Bastech was awarded a grant by the state of Ohio for reshoring PPE work back to the USA. To produce the amount of PPE necessary to meet the ever-increasing needs of medical professionals, government workers, and essential workers, BasTech needed the right equipment.
Aware of their stellar reputation in the machine and tooling industry, BasTech reached out to Haas Mold Machines. They offer the best-value, high-performance, specialty mold & die machines in the industry.

Implementing the Haas VM-3

To assist BasTech’s growing production needs, our team needed to streamline the process and making molds had never been easier than with a Haas Mold Machine. Haas’ industry-leading VF Series uses custom configurations just for mold making, tool & die work, and other high-precision industries. We needed a machine that could work for high-performance, high-production jobs while maintaining its versatility.
We chose to use the grant to invest in a Haas VM-3 to help in the rapid development of a superior mask system to protect healthcare workers. When consulting with the Haas engineers, we chose the VM-3 for a number of reasons:
  • Productivity
  • Accuracy
  • Trouble-free execution
  • Precision cutting that can handle extremely tight tolerance
  • Able to machine almost every type of material

Production Tooling with BasTech

We’ve combined both additive and subtractive technologies to build the molds and mold lifters needed to get production up to speed. When high volumes, finished part size, or specific materials dictate, traditional tooling molds may be your best option to produce your production runs.
With specialized engineering capabilities and a full machine shop, BasTech can take manufacturing, tooling, and injection molding to the next level.
BasTech can assist you with the design, manufacturability, and production of tooling required to efficiently and accurately produce your parts. Get in touch with our team today!